I’m happy to announce that I have a track Monofunk coming out soon on Berlin’s mindcolormusic on their aux4412 release.


mindcolormusic is a label that’s been around since 2011 and is run by Omni Causa. The initial inspiration for the label was House music with a focus on digital releases, but shortly began releasing on tape and eventually pressing limited runs of vinyl.

The direction of the label has sprawled out recently into more leftfield areas with the releases sounding more like braindance and acid. If you’re not familiar with the label, I really recommend exploring their back catalogue which has a lot of interesting sounds.


The aux4412 release is a Various Artists compilation featuring tracks from myself and Titch Thomas, Viewtiful Joe, Curios, Xudspai, Phylum Sinter, Envmod & Beathaven.

aux4412 is out in digital and vinyl formats in August 2018 on mindcolormusic.

Listen to the previews here:


I have to mention and recommend the aux4410 VA release which features Zandermensch and labelmate vodor l zeck. Vodor l zeck runs the Berlin label zanderhythm and is a frequent co-host with me on the Various Vegetables radio show.

Listen to some previews of aux4410 here: