Eutechnik music sits somewhere between acid, techno and breakbeat with some ambient and jungle sprinkles. I use Live and the Max/MSP programming environment, I build hardware, I sometimes like to use ‘obsolete’, broken or circuit-bent equipment to create unexpected sounds. I like to hack around on software and languages designed for audio such as Supercollider

The following section is the part where I refer to myself in the third-person. Enjoy.


Eutechnik is a performance name of Irish musician Brian Thomas Smith. After studying Music, English and Psychology he pursued a Master of Computer Music specialising in composition under Roger Doyle. Since 2009 he has been living in Berlin where he worked extensively with Kunsthaus Tacheles hosting electronic music events with artists from Berlin and throughout Europe.

Following the closure of Tacheles in 2011, he founded an artist collective with Vertical67, Kinskop and Vodor L Zeck with a monthly residency in Naherholung Sternchen. These concerts focused on contemporary electronic music, creating an atmosphere that combined sound-art, installations and ambient music with experimental and dancefloor-oriented bass music.

Since 2013, Eutechnik hosted and produced a monthly radioshow on Sheffield-based Future Music FM with Various Vegetables, showcasing new experimental electronic music, exploring the origins of genres, musical techniques and conducting artist interviews.

His musical releases as far back as 2009 have been used in short films and documentaries. He has also worked as a location sound engineer, sound mixer and sound designer on multiple film projects. His compositions and sound design received several nominations in 2014, winning Best Musical Score at the 48 Hours Film Festival Berlin for his work on Neozoen by Alexander Ratter.